Poems and Prose Remains, Vol II

some greek


Arthur Hugh Clough

GO, foolish thoughts, and join the throng
    Of myriads gone before;
To flutter and flap and flit along
    The airy limbo shore.

Go, words of sport and words of wit,
    Sarcastic point and fine,
And words of wisdom, wholly fit
    With folly’s to combine.

Go, words of wisdom, words of sense,
    Which, while the heart belied,
The tongue still uttered for pretence,
    The inner blank to hide.

Go, words of wit, so gay, so light,
    That still were meant express
To soothe the smart of fancied slight
    By fancies of success.

Go, broodings vain o’er fancied wrong;
    Go, love-dreams vainer still;
And scorn that’s not, but would be, strong;
    And Pride without a Will.

Go, foolish thoughts, and find your way
    Where myriads went before,
To languish out your lingering day
    Upon the limbo shore.

November, 1850

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