Joel Chandler Harris

   Bango - So far as I know, “Bango” is a meaningless term, introduced on account of its sonorous ruggedness.

   dolos’ ell on yard - The sword and belt in the constellation of Orion.

   hope - Help; helped.

   mouffle - Mouthful

   git need - Underneath

   patter-rollers - Patrols. In the country districts, order was kept on the plantations at night by the knowledge that they were liable to be visited at any moment by the patrols. Hence a song current among the negroes, the chorus of which was:

“Run, nigger, run; patter-roller ketch you—
 Run, nigger, run; hit’s almos’ day.”

   skaddle - It may he interesting to note here that in all probability the word “skedaddle,” about which there was some controversy during the war, came from the Virginia negro’s use of “skaddle,” which is a corruption of “scatter.” The matter, however, is hardly worth referring to.

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