Uncle Remus His: Songs and His Sayings


Joel Chandler Harris


Legends Of The Old Plantation
  1. Uncle Remus initiates the Little Boy
  2. The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story
  3. Why Mr. Possum loves Peace
  4. How Mr. Rabbit was too sharp for Mr. Fox
  5. The Story of the Deluge, and how it came about
  6. Mr. Rabbit grossly deceives Mr. Fox
  7. Mr. Fox is again victimized
  8. Mr. Fox is “outdone” by Mr. Buzzard
  9. Miss Cow falls a Victim to Mr. Rabbit
  10. Mr. Terrapin appears upon the Scene
  11. Mr. Wolf makes a Failure
  12. Mr. Fox tackles Old Man Tarrypin
  13. The Awful Fate of Mr. Wolf
  14. Mr. Fox and the Deceitful Frogs
  15. Mr. Fox goes a-hunting, but Mr. Rabbit bags the Game
  16. Old Mr. Rabbit, he’s a Good Fisherman
  17. Mr. Rabbit nibbles up the Butter
  18. Mr. Rabbit finds his Match at last
  19. The Fate of Mr. Jack Sparrow
  20. How Mr. Rabbit saved his Meat
  21. Mr. Rabbit meets his Match again
  22. A Story about the Little Rabbits
  23. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear
  24. Mr. Bear catches Old Mr. Bull-Frog
  25. How Mr. Rabbit lost his Fine Bushy Tail
  26. Mr. Terrapin shows his Strength
  27. Why Mr. Possum has no Hair on his Tail
  28. The End of Mr. Bear
  29. Mr. Fox gets into Serious Business
  30. How Mr. Rabbit succeeded in raising a Dust
  31. A Plantation Witch
  32. “Jacky-my-Lanteern”
  33. Why the Negro is Black
  34. The Sad Fate of Mr. Fox


Plantation Proverbs

His Songs
  1. Revival Hymn
  2. Camp-Meeting Song
  3. Corn-Shucking Song
  4. The Plough-Hands’ Song
  5. Christmas Play-Song
  6. Plantation Play-Song
  7. Transcriptions:
    1. A Plantation Chant
    2. A Plantation Serenade
  8. De Big Bethel Church
  9. Time goes by Turns


A Story of the War

His Sayings

  1. Jeems Roher’son’s Last Illness
  2. Uncle Remus’s Church Experience
  3. Uncle Remus and the Savannah Darkey
  4. Turnip Salad as a Text
  5. A Confession
  6. Uncle Remus with the Toothache
  7. The Phonograph
  8. Race Improvement
  9. In the Role of a Tartar
  10. A Case of Measles
  11. The Emigrants
  12. As a Murderer
  13. His Practical View of Things
  14. That Deceitful Jug
  15. The Florida Watermelon
  16. Uncle Remns preaches to a Convert
  17. As to Education
  18. A Temperance Reformer
  19. As a Weather Prophet
  20. The Old Man’s Troubles
  21. The Fourth of July

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