Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling

THIS is an inciting map of the Turbid Amazon. It hasn’t anything to do with the story except that there are two Armadillos in it up by the top. The inciting part are the adventures that happened to the men who went along the road marked by the double line. I meant to draw Armadillos when I began the map, and I meant to draw manatees and spider-tailed monkeys and big snakes and lots of Jaguars, but it was more inciting to do the map and the venturesome adventures. You begin at the bottom lefthand corner and follow the little arrows all about, and then you come quite round again to where the adventuresome people went home in a ship called the Royal Tiger. This is a most adventuresome picture, and all the adventures are told about in writing, so you can be quite sure which is an adventure and which is a tree or a boat.

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