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All material on this site is in the public domain in Australia, – that is all copyrights have expired in this country, – other countries may vary.

For people in Australia all material on this site is free for anyone to use. There is no copyright on any of it in Australia and other “life + 70 years”1 countries.

Other countries have different time limits, if you want to use any material you should check the copyright laws in your country.

The origin of each file (if known), its processing history and any other relevant information has been placed in a comment in the head of each file. The easiest way to see this is to use the “view source” menu item (Ctrl-u) in your browser.

If the material from here is distributed, acknowledgment would be polite, but is not in any way obligatory.

Deep linking is encouraged, the location of all content files will be, as far as is possible, entirely static and will not be changed unless absolutely necessary. Index files (ie. those named ‘index.html’) other than those which are ‘Tables of Content’ may be modified at any time – linker beware.

Internal reference links will usually only point to the main source of the reference. These links will not be made more specific, i.e. link directly to the quotation, as this may cause the quote itself to be taken out of context.


            Russell Tayler

1.    Australia, from January 1 2005, extended its copyright period to “life + 70 years”. No new works will enter the public domain in Australia until at least January 1 2026. However works which had previously entered the public domain (author died pre 1955) do not revert back into copyright protection.    [back]

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